Why Study Information Technology?

Why study information technology? Well, information technology is widespread. It touches almost every aspect of modern life – schools, businesses and so on. In fact, most people use computers in their daily lives. Even staffs that are not in the IT position are engaged in the computers since they need to access in the computer as part of their job. So, still, there is the impact and presence of information technology.

Basic knowledge on information technology or information system is important. Of course, it does not mean that you should be an expert in information technology because not all exert effort in this field or devote their time in this field. In this digital age, traditional way of messaging, communicating, editing, posting and so on, are becoming obsolete. It is ineffective. Majority of people prefer to use modern way as it is practical and faster.

When you are a part of an organization, you cannot escape the use of information technology. Any firms or organization is always engage in information system and technology. For example, PowerPoint presentation, sending email and so on, though basic things, are still part of information system activities. Like this, basic knowledge on information system and technology is essential. So why study information technology? You’ve got the answer already to this question.

Furthermore, mentioning your engagement to information technology as a part of any organization, it is important to really have at least basic knowledge of IT so that you can be productive and effective member of the organization. Prove that you can do anything for the organization and that you are contributing efficiently to the success of the team.