Trivia about the call center capital of the world: The Philippines

One of the businesses that involve technological solutions is the call center industry or the business process outsourcing. Many workers work in this field and it brings positive or negative effect in accordance with its coverage. Now the country of India no longer holds the crown of the leader in this industry but now it is the country of the Philippines who hold this title. The video below provides trivia why the country of the Philippines becomes the leader in the call center industry.

You have watched the video why many companies outsource in the Philippines. The Filipinos have the certain characteristics that many employers demands and appreciate that is why many people have dreams in this field of work. Many know that the salary you can get if you work in a call center is not that small but many also testify that it can go away easily if you do not know how to manage it. Anyway, back to the call center trivia, the Sykes Asia is the first company to hire call center agents and it is the first one who practices a call center business in the Philippines.

Accenture is the one who leads in the booming market of call center agents. But the one who holds the title of the largest number of employees is the company Convergys, see this article. It has branches in different parts of the country and is hiring almost every day.